24 octubre, 2021


SLP.- In order to work together, the one in charge in the Fiscalia General del Estado de San Luis Potosi, José Luis Ruiz Contreras met with the USA General Consul in Monterrey Roger C. Rigaud.

The Solicitors Meeting Room at FGESLP was the place where the consul´s visit was attended.

Ruiz Contreras highlighted the institution under his charge and the staff who working there are in the best disposition to work together in the future projects to the benefit of society.

USA Consulate will give support to follow with the programs and courses for staff in the FGESLP, especially in the forensic and expert services.

Also, USA Consulate will provide assistance for FGESLP to improve the technology in the processes that it performs.

The meeting was attending also by Mr. Anton Jongeneel, Economic and Politics Matters Consul; Mr. Nichles Derion, Security Regional Oficial; Mr. Steven Lerda, Head of the Analysis and Development Section; Lic. Juan José Retiz, Regional Security Office of the Consulate; Lic. Patricio McKelligan, Specialist in Economic and Political Affairs; Lic. Félix Montemayor, INL Project Manager; as well as various heads of the FGESLP.