“This is thanks to the opportunity you have according to the legislation of the matter, trough the implementation of the National Law on Criminal Enforcement”

2 diciembre, 2021
  • Social reintegration is sought through labor programs.
  • FGESLP, supreme court and defense office analyzed each case.



SLP.- Jose Luis Ruiz Contreras, FGESLP head, informed the release of 111 prisoners, who were in the social reinsertion center La Pila.

The FGESLP, the supreme court and the defense office have been working together to analyze each case.

“Beneficiaries can access this opportunity as long as they have met their requirements: Imprisonment, corresponding percentage and reparación of damage to the victim”. He explained.

He stressed the importance of social reintegration and coordination with other agencies to address the employment situation of all beneficiaries.

In addition, he explained that the people who obtained their freedom will have a monthly or biweekly review through the Precautionary Measures Unit.