16 noviembre, 2021

• FGE and STPS went to the Altiplano to advise that sector
• The training subject was human trafficking and labor exploitation.





MATEHUALA. – As part of the prevention work and advice to agricultural producers and day labourers in the altiplano, Human Rights Special Prosecutor and the Labour Ministry and Social Security, provided training to this sector.

At Matehuala, Arturo Gómez Martínez, Human Rights Special Prosecutor head and Esteban Pérez Mendieta, Prosecutor against Trafficking in Persons, presented the main features about labor exploitation and forced labor.

The 32 present which attend the meeting, learning about the topic and they could resolve some doubts, especially about the recruitment of minors in the field activities.

The authorities agreed to provide more trainings in order to respect the agricultural workers’ rights, also they indicated schedule these trainings to December and January.

Néstor Garza Álvarez and Juan Ignacio Silos Castro, STPS directives, also attended this training.