The consuls of Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador met with FGESLP

25 octubre, 2021


SLP.- In order to strengthen relationships and to improve the actions for the benefit of migrants, the Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador consuls met with the FGESLP.

The Human Rights Special Prosecutor, Arturo Gómez Martínez indicated that the actions carried out by the institution with Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador representatives, regarding to law enforcement matters will be improved by instructions of Jose Luis Ruiz Contreras, the FGESLP head.

Héctor Ramiro Sipac, José Natividad Cisnado and Benjamín Oswaldo Galán, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador consuls, respectively, exposed being interested in to generate a direct communication with the authorities involved in solving the problems that migrants have when they are in SLP.

They agreed to coordinate actions in the 16 delegations in SLP, where there are routes in which centro american people transit. In case of arrest the FGESLP have to send the notification to the corresponding consulates.

Also, the consulates and the FGESLP to will work together to locate missing persons from those nations.

The consuls were grateful with FGESLP for the disposition to collaborate together.