8 diciembre, 2021


SLP. – Within the activities for the Forum days “Youth in the fight against corruption”, next Friday December 10 will be held the conference “University Community and Professionals College at the Service of Anticorruption”, at the Law Faculty Law of San Luis Potosí Autonomous University.

These presentations, organized by the Special Prosecutor Office for Crimes related to Corruption Acts and the Executive Secretariat of the State Anti-Corruption System, with the objective of increase knowledge about the main actions that are being undertaken in the fight against corruption from different perspectives.

At the end of these presentations, there will be a panel where ideas will be debated by Dr. Loui Valentín Mballa, a postgraduate professor at the Accounting and Administration Faculty; Santiago Galván Espinosa, advisor on Compliance and anti-corruption in companies; Juan Ramón Infante Guerrero, member of the Citizen Participation Committee; and Dr. Germán Pedroza Gaitán, director of the UASLP Law School.

On Thursday, December 8, the Master Conference “Compliance and Anticorruption in Public Administration” will be held by the teacher Paulo Magaña Rodríguez.