Ruiz Contreras, presented activities report in Congress

25 noviembre, 2021

•The Police Investigation has been evaluated.
•The FGESLP head exposed to the Congress.
•The institution getted results in two months.



SLP.- José Luis Ruiz Contreras, FGESLP head informed to the SLP Congress about the last administración Inefficiencies and the actions to improve the institution.

As a part from the activities report, he mentioned in the Investigation Police the staff were recruitmented without a Vacancy announcement, this in the last 6 years.

Also, he indícated the situation from actual elements: 655 elements in total and there are 132 , who did not pass the confidence control exam.

Also, highlited the few Police Investigation results: “Only 10000 Investigation orders were fullfiled, there are 30000 unresolved request “.

He indícated the unresolved request caused mistrust from society, so it is already working in Order to generate more contact with people.

Also, mentioned the autorization of 75 procedures in the last 2 months, compared to the 89 procedures resolved in the last 9 months with the last administration.

Ruiz contreras refered the deficiencies found in the Scientific Vice-Prosecutor’s Office.

In the dame way, he mentioned that since the FGESLP was created, Has not been presented to the congress A proposal for the formation of the internal comptroller.

About femicides, he indicated there are register 21 investigation folder open in and 50 investigation for other violent women deaths

The FGESLP has open more than 42 Investigations about various crimes as Homicides, femicides and stealings that affect society.