22 noviembre, 2021

• There are many arrested by this crime.
• When the arrested are public officials, the case is more serious.



SLP. – Jose Luis Ruiz Contreras, FGESLP head, reported to the last days many persons have been arrested by femicide and attempts at this crime.

“We are attending these cases, and we have as objective apply the law to such persons, even more so when it comes to public servers”, he indicated.

He remembered that the FGESLP has obtained important results in punishing that crime, through Research Unit for Access to Feminicides Justice.

Indicated also two man were arrested in Ciudad Valles an in Soledad de Graciano Sánchez for the aggression they committed, who were charged with the crime of attempted femicide and are already in pretrial detention.

Ruiz Contreras, highlighted the importance of women reporting if they are being victims of aggression in order to be served.